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The Zeta Alpha chapter prides itself in its exceptional service to the Illinois State University bands. Some of our large-scale service projects include Band Day (a high school marching band invitational with over 30 bands), concert band festivals for both junior high and high school bands, as well as a Jazz Band Festival. We also host a Musician’s Ball for the School of Music. More frequent service projects include providing refreshments after concerts, passing out water to the marching band, and the storage, maintenance, and distribution of marching band uniforms. Zeta Alpha has countless sisterhood traditions, some of which include a campout for First Degree in the fall, Silent Affirmations (an anonymous way to recognize sisters for the impact they have on your life), Snaps at chapter meetings (a short note left for a sister to recognize them for their accomplishments), various sisterhood items that we pass on to promote our ideals and purposes, and most recently TauBetivities. These TauBetivities occur every other week and are ways to spend time with sisters in a casual setting. They include things like study nights, Mario Kart tournaments, and stargazing. Our music committee works with other Music Greeks on campus to put together a Greek Musicale that gives everyone the chance to showcase their talents. We actively participate in programs, and through that have deepened our connection with the Bloomington Normal community.


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